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hey! what's up? not too much here. i just woke up. :yawwwn: geEz i ish a sleEpy head. anyways, jus thought i'd do a liL update ..

wh0a .. i can't even remember ..

on sunday, i went to holmdel park with my brother, my sister-in-law, my niece, and my nephew. it was so0o much funNnNn! we walked 6 milez 0n a lil hike through the wo0dz .. and we had a lil picnic. it was so0 cute. then we came back to my house and watched Black Hawk Down. Then when my bro and everyone left, me and my mom watched The Others. that movie was weird.

yesterday me and my mom watched The Mothman Prophecies. that movie was so0o0o0o weird and hard to follow. hmM .. i think i believe in it. ho0 knowz.

i wanna thank kim (~eternallykim) for making my icon .. and teEny (~kiishez) for making my new layout <333xO

*_ kerry _*
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