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I Give Up

Guys suck. I'm done liking guys. I'm done with everything. People are dumb. People need to mind their own business. People need to know what the are talking about before they say shit. God. Just stay the fuck out of my life if you're not gunna care, and if your not gunna be there. You're not a true friend. A true friend is someone who is there for you when you need them, not someone YOU need to talk to when YOU have problems. Stop using me. Everything is changing with you. O0h lo0kie me im cool. Your not. You need to stop acting all big and hard cause you aint shit. Damn.

Okkkk .. so, I am so0 in love with Justin Berfield. Total hottie. <33 He is Reese from Malcolm in the Middle :] Anyway, i'm done telling people i care for them. Ya wanna know why? Because it don't mean shit to them. It does'nt even matter. Why should I waste my time? I don't even know why I liked you. I don't like your attitude, and your attitude reflects on your personality. So, therefore i don't like you very much. Well, not anymore as 'boyfriend' material. I don't even know what I was thinking. GeEz. Anyways, we'll always be friends. Hmm .. that doesn't seem to make too much sense. Oh well.

Tiffany called me today. She moved to Marlboro. Hopefully we can hang out soon; it's been a while.
Vinny also called. I am mad at him. He is staying in Miami until August. Usually he calls me everyday, but he hasn't. I miss it :[ Omg, i actually miss Vinny. Lol. That's ok, he's a good friend. Seriously, you might think im kidding because I dislike him at school, and when he says retarded things, but deep down inside, he's probably the only true friend i have around here. Well, not here for another month but yanno. Oh yeah, Agnes called. She starts summer school tomorrow. Well, today, until the middle of August. Sucks to be you. hehe j.p <3

Karen and I are started to become closer. She's my bestest friend that lives the furthest :] i love you girl <33

I wanna thank Sarri (~sarri) for making me an icon .. thanks sweEtie <3 x0x

I'm tired now. I'm gunna go to sleepy land now. Ttyl <333!@#$%^&*( xO -UnO amOr-

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