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if he 0nly knew

At times I may upset u, sumtimz I'll make u mad.
Sumtimz my words will wound u, at times I'll make u sad. But u'll neva find anotha girl that loves u more than me,
I love you with all my heart & soul, for all eternity.

I want . I need . I w0uld die t0 be.
His life . His l0ve . His everything <3

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Gosh :X i can so relate to the 2nd quote. Hmm .. :]<3
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sucks when you waste your time liking someone .. when you would wait forever to be with them, and it dont matter to them .. it dont mean shit .. sucks right? :[
yep sucks more than anything in the world, and its happening to me right now. And its not that he doesnt care its like he doesnt want a relationship because all he is is a player and i like him so much that i dont want to believe it but its true :[
sup sh0rti? chilLen hea. jus wanted ta c0mment ta say dat i cant wait ta chilL s0 we culd cause sum tr0uble! hehe >=] n cheer up hun! dun let deze b0iz run ya life, ya herd?! keep ya hed held hiqh n keep shakin dem hattuhz 0ff. much l0ve ta ya mama <333

kerRy n karen _ budz f0' life x0x0x
sup ma? chilLen hea. sOrrie i aint update, but im babysittin n been Out wit da kiddiez alL day. fun stuff. but i wuldnt be talkin, yOu aint pOst a new cOmment eitha. humf. LoL. sike, nahh. ima be yO tru frend. fO'qet bOut dem fake azz triflin hOez. yOu toO qoOd ta be sweatin it. rememba ma, shake dem hatuhz Off, ya herd? qoOd. aiqh, lemme be Out nOw. luv yOu x0x0x

karen + kerRy _ krazee kayz fO' life! <33
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tro0 .. i kn0 .. i`m jus sick 0f peepz always up in ma biz, actin all hard and shit when they aint nothin .. damn .. itz mad crazy .. i dunn0 wh0z tru and wh0z fake n0 m0re .. that`z pretty bad if y0u dunn0 wh0 y0ur real frenz are .. but whatever .. lyk y0u sed im n0t g0n sweat it .. 0h yann0 y0u lyk tha ic0n .. peace bebe <3 x0x
yah, i kno da feelin. itz like, da people you thouqht wuz tru..turnz out ta be da fake wunz...itz hard ta keep ya frenz..especialLy now cuz we olda n shit...alL i kno iz dat no mattuh wha happenz between uz..ima alwayz considuh you ma numbuh wun qurl =] n das riqh mama, you shake dem hatuhz off n dun sweat nuttin deze trickz be sayin. in da end, dey qon' realize dat dey missin out, not you. so, keep ya hed held hiqh, ya herd? n yes, im feelin da icon ;] qood niqh n sweet dreamz hun. peace <33