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Today is the first day of my summer vacation. Yay! Today sucked though .. big donkey balLz .. right James? lolol. I am so0 b0red, and s0 sick. I feEl like po0p. AhH.

Yesterday I got outta school at 10 .. so0, me, martina, and leanne hung out at teEna's. Then at 11:15, we went back up to tha scho0l to get shannon. Then blah. We all chilLed, and TeEna told someone that I would fxck him at the 7-11! GroSs. He wanted to do it too. How pathetic. I also told the one kid I like that I liked him. He don't seem to care. That's ok. I like someone else also. <3 Yesterday I wore my slipperz to scho0l .. I wore them alL day. Peoplez were jealous. Don't hate :] ha. Okay, so0 yesterday I had fun. Today is boring. Oh well. Im done. Leave me some commentz puhLeaz! <33 x0x

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