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Hey Hey! What's up!? Not too much here. I just got done studying for my finals. I start them tomorrow .. first I have algebra, and then spanish. Today after school i went right over to Shannon's house and we studied for algebra since I am so0 horrible in it. Yeah. So, I came home, talked to Tiffany and Vinny on the phone, and studied. Tiffany is coming home tomorrow. Yay! I miss her :[ Ok, so, since we have cheat sheets, I made one for algebra with one of each type of problem so I know how :] and for spanish, well, thats easy. I'm pretty good with that. I made one for english even though that final is on Friday. I made that one good. For biology we can't have one, none for world cultures, or computerz or art obviously. That's ok. I'll do ok right? Wish me good luck. I have half days all this week, and on TuesdayI get out at 10 because i take my art final and then i don't have one for gym. So what Im gunna do is go to Tina's house and chill for a lil. This weekend I plan on going to the beach again, and studying for finals of course. People get me mad. Bring me into their damn business. God. Leave me out of your baby shit. Stop talking about people behind their backs and you wouldn't have this problem. God. and stop acting like you know everything because you DON'T! SheEeSh! O0h yeah, I wanna say bye to Steve since he's not gunna be going to Keyport anymore. I'm gunna miss you! <333 We'll still chill though. Go0d luck at the new school. Ok, Im done now. Buhbye!
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