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TiNa `n` ShAnNoN

hEy!! oMg tHiS iS sOo sAd...OnE mOrE dAy LeFt oF aCtUaL cLaSsEs n dEn iTs oVeR n i PrOlLy wOnT sEe n E oNe aLl SuMmEr!! :'( oMg iaM gUnNa mIsH u! LoL..i lOvE y0o0o0o0!! i lOvE sHaNnY tOo!! hEhE.. wElL tHiS yR hAs BeEn sO gReAt n iAm gLaDe tA hAvE tA cHiCa LyK u aRoUnD tA lIsTeN tO mUh iSh lOl BFF!! -TeEnA

OmG tHiS yR iS oVa AlReAdY iT wAs fUn! wE hAd aLoT oF gOoD tImEz We hAvE tA hAnG oUt tHiS sUmMeR i HaVe tA dO cOoL tHiNgS tHiS sUmMeR bEcAuSe i aLwAyZ sAy i wIlL tHeN i DoNt aNd mY sUmMeR eNdZ uP bEiNg bOrInG! :'( WeLl LoVe yA LoTz bUt gTg -sHaNnOn
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