kerry (naughtybaybee) wrote,

Hey lj buddiez. How goez it? It's doing better over herez. I just talked to Tiffany on the phone b4 .. she seems to be doing better thank god, and hopefully, maybe i'm going to see her tomorrow. Yay! I miss her =[ As long as she is doing better that's all that matters. She don't think she's gunna be mobing for a while. Yay again! She's my bestest friend and i don't want her to leave me. Anyways, this weekend wasn't as boring as alot of the other ones. Friday was messed up because me, jess, steve, and sean were supposed to go to the movies but we didn't have a ride home. So that's that. Yesterday I went to Jessica's. We were on the computer trying to make her a homepage. It's hard since she has AIM. Also, we sang sum go0dy songs .. right Wifey? lol. Go us! *wo0 ho0* and and we tried to make salad and grilled cheez. That didn't work out so good. She wanted the 'fatty' part. ahah. That's way gross hun. lol. Today Im just chillen, trying to do my homework. I can't think. ahH! I keep gettin chest pains. Im too young to have a heartattack .. right? ShEeSH. Ok, so im gunna go now .. try and finish my homework. <333 xox
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