kerry (naughtybaybee) wrote,

BaD wEeK

hey everyone. welp, i just thought i'd tell you that tiffany is now in icu. her operation took 7 hours .. they didn't expect it to be that long. when i got home, my mom told me she was still in surgery. i was like wtf? and i started flipping out. i thought something went wrong because usually it don't take 7 hours. so0, my mom called them back and they said that she was in the intensive care unit. i was like thank god. i hate people. i told my friend jessiey about tiff, and she started laughing. i was like what the fuck is so funny about someone having a brain tumor? and she was like i dont like her. i was like yeah well if she drops dead you wont be laughing. i swear to god. even if you cant stand someone, even your worse enemy, you shouldnt wish them dead or hurt, or not even care. i know i wouldnt. ya wanna know what else happened? last night, after i found out about tiffany, my uncle called and told me that his gurlfriend, shes like my aunt, was getting a pacemaker. thats a machine that will keep her heart pumping. damn. last night was bad. and usually, when you get bad news, it comes in threes, so i thought to myself, what else could happen. nothing has happened so far, knock on wood. well, i just got home from the hospital. i got an iv, and then they shot a steroid into it, and then i got 3 treatments so i could breathe better. im okay so far. do you see the pink and green flying monkeys? or the yellow elephants? wow i was weird b4. anyways, thats it. so, for all of you who commented saying that you were gunna pray, thanks.
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